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Content studios
When it comes to digital marketing, one cannot underestimate the importance of the content. That is why we have a team of professional advertising & marketing...

Save Time Finding Content Gems in Your Industry

A powerful listening engine is constantly fetching fresh content from thousands of sources. You can get content on almost any topic you want which is ranked by social shares to help you pick one easily. Explore and collect trending content in any niche or market using instant search, pre-defined topics or custom topics.  Let Web Equity Consultants handle and curate all your content that is in-line with  the rest of the strategy of your business.

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  • Niche-Relevant Content

    Setup your custom topics with your own set of keywords and domains to get highly relevant content. Or simply search for content as need be.

  • 9+ Content Sources And Increasing

    Our discovery engine monitors a huge database of sites along with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailymotion, Imgur, Giphy, Flickr and Pixabay.

  • Videos, Images & GIFs

    Our system is not limited to articles only, you can also find videos from Facebook, Youtube and Dailymotion. For images and GIFs, we have Imgur, Giphy and Pixabay.

See What’s Trending Right Now

Discover what’s trending and performed well in the past few hours up to days – along with trending score and past engagement data for each post. Better engage your fans and readers by knowing exactly what is performing well in your niche or industry.

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Smart Filters to Streamline Your Search Process

Get top performing content ranked by social shares so that you can confidently predict engagement. Sort by engagement, time of publication, length or region to quickly find the type of content you are looking for.

Multiple Regions and Languages Supported

Our crawlers monitor popular websites for new content in different regions and languages. You can even add your own sources in any languages from any country/region you want.

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Add Custom Sources

Use any source from our global library or add your own RSS feeds to monitor and discover content from sources you already love.

Full-Text Preview

You get full-text preview of each article within the interface making it easy to go through the body content without any distractions and also avoid waiting for multiple websites and pages to load.

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Budget$100, 000

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After having a single advertising agency covering all of our marketing needs for the last 9 years, we were finally ready to make a switch.

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