Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing Analytics
Creating a content, an image and the big idea for your next advertising campaign is perhaps nothing less, than an artform. It's just that instead of Mona Lisa...

Marketing Analytics

The application of scientific methods to guide marketing efforts is undergoing significant changes. Today’s Marketing Analytics should blend in newly available non-traditional sources of data with enterprise data, and adapt to the rapidly evolving digital delivery channels.

A very micro-level view of the target audience is becoming feasible with increased digital activity. The ability to connect online and offline footprint is giving the new age marketer a 360-degree view of their prospects – including their demographics, attitudes, and behaviors.

Technology, data, and analytics are driving omnichannel marketing, throughout the prospect lifecycle, with personalization at the core. This is allowing marketers to identify value propositions and the best targeting options.

Advanced Analytics Consulting
  • Pricing & Promotions
  • Survey Analytics
  • Path To Purchase
  • Choice Modeling
  • Brand Switching
  • Market Basket Analysis

Case Studies

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Supply Planning Analytics

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Our approach to improving digital asset performance is rooted in an understanding that user experience is a key building block of a brand’s relationship with its customers. We help brands leverage customer analytics to create an experience that is relevant and valuable, while creating a connection that drives greater loyalty, engagement, and conversions.

We begin the customer experience analytics process by working with our clients to define goals and develop a plan for meeting those goals. This includes comprehensive behavioral analysis to first understand how visitors are navigating through the experience (such as a website or app). We then identify any roadblocks and barriers hindering a smooth user experience and the enhancements needed to make it as efficient as possible to drive a higher rate of desired actions.

With a thorough understanding of user behavior and overall business goals, we provide recommendations that improve the user experience and drive value to the bottom line. We prioritize these recommendations based on expected impact and level of effort to implement via front-end testing, A/B/N testing, and onsite personalization.



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