Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization
Using the new media in a successful way is all about crafting a conversation that generates leads and sales for your company.

Our SEO Process is Focused on Sales

Although our process has been refined over the last 10 years, we have continued to innovate, and make sure to do so every day. Web Equity Consultants works hard to stay ahead of the curve to forge ahead with honest practices that provide websites with traffic and conversions and more importantly sales and growth for your business in an effective and cheaper manner than traditional advertising and marketing.

Step 1 Keyword Analysis
Step 2 Keyword Assignment
Step 3 On-Site SEO Code Optimization
Step 4 On-Site Content SEO
Step 5 On-Site Internal Link Optimization
Step 6 Advanced Search Engine Optimization and External Linking

Web Equity Consultants understand that ranking in search engines can be a complicated and a time-consuming task.  That’s why we’ve made it easy for your business to increase visibility, gain competitive edge, and improve rankings on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Web Equity Consulting is dedicated to following the latest SEO best practices. We create industry-driven, keyword targeted content for your business allowing your website rank more prominently and more often!


What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO differs from traditional SEO in that it’s an effort to rank a website for people in a specific region.

Whereas traditional SEO usually involves ranking a site so that people all across the nation (if not all over the world) will find it when they search for a specific keyword or phrase, Local SEO is meant to reach people in carefully defined area (such as Chicago, Illinois or Huntsville, Alabama).

Why would businesses want to limit their SEO efforts to a local audience? Typically it’s because they’re “mom and pop” shops that cater predominantly to a local clientele.

For example, if you’re an electrician in Chicago with a website, it’s not likely that you’d want your site to be visible to people in Los Angeles who are searching for an electrician. You would, however, want people in the Chicagoland area to find your website.

Keep in mind also that when people search for local businesses, some of the results appear in the Local 3-Pack. That’s a box with highlighted business listings that appear at the very top of the search results.

If you’re running a business in need of Local SEO, you want to be in the Local 3-Pack.

At Web Equity Consulting, our team of Local SEO experts knows all the tricks to give your website the greatest chance of landing in the Local 3-Pack.



What You Can Count On:

  • A Full Analysis & Optimization of Your Website’s Metatags
  • Industry-Driven, Keyword Targeted Content
  • Deep External & Internal Link Building
  • Offsite Content Published on Websites with High Domain Authority
  • Competitor Web Market Analysis
  • Benchmarking Existing Web Assets
  • Local Web Equity Strategy
  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Website Site Speed
  • Ecommerce Srategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Local Branding
  • Website Creative Design


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major component of any successful digital marketing effort. A well-optimized website provides a solid platform for all your digital marketing campaigns, and high rankings in search has powerful brand value. A great SEO plan can give you a powerful competitive edge.

Web Equity Consulting offers a broad range of White Hat SEO services that can get your website running like a well-tuned organic search machine.

SEO consulting services include:

SEO Strategy Development – SEO has become a complex discipline. You need to study the market, the keywords, the competition, and decide how and where to invest to maximize your ROI.
On-Page SEO Audits – A comprehensive analysis of the SEO fitness of your site, with detailed recommendations for improvement.
Keyword Research – Mapping your keyword space is a critical part of a complete program. This goes beyond just figuring out what people are searching on, but also includes diving in and finding out what the ebst opportunitise are for you, and mapping that into your overall site content strategy.
Competitive Analysis – You need to look at the bigger picture, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the optimization strategy of your competitors. Competitive audits help you discover new opportunities, as well as the most vulnerable part of your competitor’s strategies.
Website Redesign SEO Services – Don’t let mistakes in a website redesign process tank your SEO traffic. Make sure you have an STC SEO expert at the table before you start the process of redesigning your website.
Link Building – Many think that this has become a bad practice, but done the right way, link building can help raise your visibility on the web. With a holistic approach designed to put you in front of your target audience across the web, you can drive great results.
Content marketing – is a powerful way to raise your online visibility. We’ll help you develop a holistic approach to publishing great content on your site and/or supplementing that with off site publishing and promotional activities that will drive great results.
Mobile SEO Services – We’ll make sure you’re well optimized for mobile search, as the majority of searches are now done from mobile devices.
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – Any robust mobile strategy should also give consideration to AMP. We have extensive experience in working with AMP, and in helping companies develop create effective AMP strategies that drive strong results.
Penalty Recovery Services – If you’ve been notified that you have received a penalty, you’re in a world of hurt. We offer rapid response services that will help you address the issues quickly and effectively, and get that penalty removed.
SEO Training – Building a strong foundation of SEO knowledge inside your organization is critical to success. We’ve trained the many of the world’s largest brands, and helped take their internal capabilities to the next level.
Local SEO – Use our Local SEO Services to tune up your local presence so that information about you online is accurate, and potential customers can easily find you.
SEO Advisory Service – Don’t make critical SEO decisions without first consulting with an SEO expert.
Due Diligence Audits – Don’t buy a website or a company without knowing if there are problems with their web presence. Our audits will let you know before you spend your hard-earned money, what the true value of their website is, as well as what the upside opportunities are.

Let Web Equity Consulting tune your website and give you a major competitive advantage.

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